We have a used Latec Ice Leveling System we removed from a 2013 Olympia.

Complete set including wall mount sensor

Can be installed on a Zamboni or Olympia Ice Resurfacer

New purchase cost is $17000

Located in Winnipeg, we ship anywhere. Contact for rates.

Please contact for more information.

Simple to install. Simple to use.

Let’s the operator focus on driving.

The Level-Ice Laser Leveling System will automatically control the cutting blade of the conditioner to achieve an accurate, level ice surface.

The system can be installed on all ice resurfacing machines.

Level-Ice literally takes all the guess work out of producing a perfectly level sheet of ice.

The laser controlled ice leveling system provides accurate reference point to within .5 mm.

Using the most advanced receiver technology the system controls the cutting blade of the conditioner to give your ice a perfectly level surface after every flood.

Eliminate operator error Reduce operating costs Reduce energy usage Reduce amount of flood water use Reduce run time on your compressor

Extend blade life by approximately 50%

Reduce maintenance time

Free up ice time for rental

Provide consistent level ice

Reduce resurfacing cut to save paint lines

Reduce wear and tear on your ice resurfacer

Reduce amount of snow

The Level-Ice Laser Leveling System provides a superior ice surface in less time; with less labour. With these cutting edge features, Level-Ice shuts out the competition.

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